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Our main "hub" and 24/7 online store.

Loaded with FAQs, demo programs, FREE
manuals (PDF downloads), Customer Forum, Example programs, Application Stories and more is an online
streaming tutorial site offering training and information on a wide range of practical automation products.
AutomationDirect's online technical magazine
(also available for FREE hard copy subscription)
Find in-depth information on all our PLC families,
as well as general PLC selection and
configuration guides.
The most practical PLCs in the industry.
Choose the Do-more H2 with our DL205 Racks and I/O Modules...
...or Choose the Do-more T1H with our Terminator Series I/O Modules
The Almost Free PLC that's so simple,
we named it CLICK
C-more touch panels - Our next generation
of operator interface touch panels.
C-more micro - It's a touch panel...
at a text panel price
AutomationDirect Customer Resource Guide
High-performace servo systems with
plug-and-play setup
The most practical sensorless vector
AC drive on the market.
High-quality motors to fit most applications
The Do-It-Yourself page at AutomationDirect
We have many learning resources including live
and prerecorded webinars on a wide
variety of products.
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