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It is that time again. Once again we get to hear, almost daily, that wonderful sound made when a round white ball makes contact with a beautiful piece of wood. That's right, it's baseball season.

Just as each player looks to make that winning homerun, your AutomationDirect team strives to help you "knock it out of the park" with affordable, rugged, and dependable industrial control products.

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Field Wireable Connectors

Insulated Displacement Connection (IDC) style connectors allow the construction of cables without stripping individual conductors or using a screwdriver.

Volume 14 Issue 3, april 2012
Company News
AutomationDirect's latest product catalog is here!
Flag pole repaired
Latest Product News
Footswitches with metal guards
Pneumatic Solenoid valve cables & connectors
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Doug Bell's Hands-on video trainer
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Application Innovations
C-more Remote App makes life easier
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Sayings from a baseball great
Automationdirect vol.14 catalog

company news

AutomationDirect releases newest product catalog

AutomationDirect's volume 14 catalog offers over 12,000 industrial automation products for a wide range of applications. The latest two-volume edition features product descriptions, technical data, and photos for PLCs, the Productivity3000 programmable automation controller, touch screen monitors, AC and DC motors, text panels, sensors, encoders, pushbuttons, switches, drives, and more. Printed separately from the "Desk Reference" are a complete product price list and a product overview. For a free copy, in print or on DVD, or more information, visit www.automationdirect.com or call 800-633-0405.

Automationdirect flag pole

Flag pole repaired

As you may know, each Christmas season we convert our stainless steel flag pole into a Christmas tree laden with over one mile of LED Christmas lights. During the 2011 season, unusually stormy weather and high winds caused the top portion of the pole to bend. Recently, the pole was removed, disassembled, and shipped to the manufacturer for repair. The arduous removal process took several hours.

After several weeks, we're glad to have the newly repaired and polished flag pole back in place where we can once again proudly display our 30-foot by 50-foot banner of freedom!

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metal guard foot switches

latest product news

Metal guard foot switches available

We now offer metal guard foot switches. These switches, in single and double units, are designed with die-cast aluminum foot cover guards and heavy-duty ABS plastic bases and pedals. Ideal for machines such as shearing and spinning machines, lathes, wrapping machines and riveting machines and presses, the foot switches are available in three operational formats: safety anti-trip, free moving and free moving maintained. The IP65 –rated foot switches feature two normally-open and two normally-closed contacts with snap action or slow action options available. Metal guard foot switch prices start at $59 and are backed by a one-year warranty.

cables and connectors

Cables and connectors for pneumatic solenoid valves added

Our pneumatics line now includes several high-quality connectors and cables designed for most popular pneumatic solenoid air valves and sensors.

Three-wire connector cables are available in five pin spacing formats (8mm to 18mm); a four-wire transmitter cable is also available in the 8mm format. Connector styles include DIN 43650 standard forms A, B and C; two DIN style industrial forms (B and C) are also offered. The 24V or 110V AC/DC models feature built-in surge suppression and yellow LED indicator and are rated for connecting with electronics. The 230V AC/DC models are rated for straight-wired products.

Select connectors are field-wireable; all connector styles are available with three and five-meter PVC jacketed cables. Because the connectors are not polarity sensitive, users follow solenoid, sensor, or other devices wiring diagrams for proper connection.

Cables and connectors for solenoid valves start at $4.75.

digital timers and counters

New Line of Multi-Function Digital Timer/Counter/Tachometers

The new CTT series multi-function devices are easily configured for operation as a digital counter, timer, combination timer/counter, or tachometer. The units offer selectable counting speeds up to 10,000 cycles per second. Available in standard 1/16 DIN size, the series comes in 24 VDC and 100-240 VAC powered versions. Multiple transistor and relay output versions are available.

The devices feature double-line, six-digit, two-color LCD displays for counter, timer, or tachometer present values, setting values and menu parameters during setup. Parameters can be easily set using externally accessible DIP switches or the lockable keypad. Additional individual indicators are provided for inputs, outputs and functions.

CTT units are equipped with two outputs; Output 1 is a single-pole single-throw relay and NPN transistor that operate concurrently. Output 2 can be ordered as either a single-pole double-throw relay, or NPN transistor.

Priced at $69, CTT Series devices accept voltage and non-voltage inputs from a wide variety of NPN, PNP, or dry contact sensors.

field wireable connectors

Field wireable M8 and M12 connectors and

Our new line of field-wireable M8 and M12 connectors and T-couplers (T-splitters) allows the connection of devices without stripping individual conductors or using a screwdriver. The connectors are ideal for making patch cables in custom lengths from existing cables or bulk wire. Connectors are available in axial (straight) or right angle configurations and three, four, or five-pole versions. T-couplers are available in four and five-pole versions and come in four models: three models split Male M12 to two Female M12 connectors and one model splits one Male M12 to two Female M8 connectors. Connector prices start at $6.75.

doug bell hands-on video trainer

training news

Free shipping still available with Doug Bell's Hands-on video trainer

The Introduction to PLC Logic and Principals hands-on video trainer from InterConnecting Automation is a great way to learn at your own pace while being trained by a PLC expert. Doug recently redesigned the trainer, making it more affordable. For only $489, you get:

     • Two DVDs to follow while using DirectSOFT PLC programming
     • A pre-wired DL05 PLC trainer with pushbuttons and selector
       switches mounted on a solid oak frame, and programming
       cable ready to plug in and begin learning
     • A DL05 PLC User manual to use throughout the vide and as a
       future reference guide

Order before May 31st and receive free shipping.

Find out more about the hands-on trainer and other products offered at www.InterConnectingAutomation.com.

Attend Doug's PLC training seminar!

In addition to Doug Bell's online PLC training, you can register to attend one of his seminars for "hands-on" training. Upcoming two-day seminars are:

For pricing and registration, visit: www.interconnectingautomation.com

Have you tried Doug Bell's Training Video Libraries online?

Doug offers helpful video training libraries through his Online Automation School site. Among the libraries, you will find topics such as, Intro PLC, DirectLOGIC PLCS, CLICK PLCs, Productivity300 PAC, C-more operator panels, and lots more. These on-demand libraries make it easy for you to study at your own pace. Sign up today.

Note: The site requires the latest version of Flash Player and the latest browser updates to view the videos

Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Many have viewed video tutorials on our Learn site. Did you know the same videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel? Among the latest videos added are our Kickstart videos on Field Wireable Connectors and our AcuAmp current sensors. Subscribe today and receive alerts every time new videos are posted.

Upcoming Web seminars

We continue to have great response to our Web seminars. Our 45-minute shows feature both product overviews and more detailed application-based examples. Each seminar includes a question and answer time where our hosts address questions from viewers. You can also view recorded episodes at your convenience.

Upcoming Web Seminars include:

Register today to attend the free online seminars. If you don't see a specific topic of interest, contact us with your idea. Our team will consider it for future seminars.

C-more remote app

Application Innovations

C-more Remote App makes life easier

Our award-winning C-more Remote App has been quite a success. We hear more and more how our customers use it in a variety of applications. Recently, ControlDesign.com posted an article about how Internet and cellular technology allows users to monitor and manipulate machines from almost anywhere. Click here to read the article.


You can check out our complete list of application stories here.

yogy berra

The Lighter Side

Sayings from a baseball great
(from "Uncommon Common Sense" by Tom Smiley)

With Baseball season underway, it's time to pull out a few profound statements from everybody's favorite baseball philosopher, Yogi Berra:

"I just want to thank everyone who made this day necessary."

"I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house."

"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical."

"I always thought that record would stand until it was broken."

"The other teams could make trouble for us if they win."

"It ain't the heat; it's the humility."

"Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded."

"It was impossible to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much."

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."

"You can observe a lot, just by watching."


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