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Volume 14 Issue 5, june 2012
Company News
AutomationDirect attends Design and Manufacturing Midwest
Latest Product News
WERMA signal devices
Bryant cord grips
and MORE!
Training News
Doug Bell teams up with Technical School
Application Innovations
Solar system boosts oil field output
The Lighter Side
Day at the Spa
AutomationDirect Ranked as Atlanta's Top Midsize Workplace

company news

AutomationDirect attends Design and Manufacturing Midwest

A group from AutomationDirect just returned from exhibiting at the Design & Manufacturing Midwest 2012 trade show at the McCormick Center in Chicago, Illinois. This event is considered as "the premier event for advanced design and manufacturing professionals."

In addition to learning what our newest products have to offer, visitors to the AutomationDirect booth saw demonstrations of things like our new high-speed I/O modules for the Productivity3000 controller. Also displayed were a few fun items made from our products. Guests were amused to hear our "saw bells" (constructed from various sizes of our RUKO hole saws). Besides playing various tunes, they would signal the hours and quarter-hours with the Westminster Abbey tune. Visitors also got a little trigger happy with our ping pong ball shooters, made from pneumatic parts available at AutomationDirect. With this test of skill, they tried their hand at shooting ping pong balls through hoops.

It was a great three days in Chicago. We look forward to returning to Design & Manufacturing Midwest again.

WERMA audible devices

latest product news

WERMA audible and visual signal devices added

WERMA audible buzzers and optical beacon lights have been added for use on control panels and enclosures.

WERMA 22.5mm panel-mount electrical buzzers .are available in 14 models and in 115V AC/DC and 24V AC/DC styles. Constructed of polycarbonate/ABS housing material, the electrical buzzers are designed to mount in a 22.5mm hole. Buzzers are available in continuous and pulse tone models with volume ranges of 80 to 100 decibels; certain models provide eight selectable tones and feature adjustable volume levels up to 100 decibels at one meter. Each buzzer is equipped with simple connector-plug connections.

Additional 22.5mm panel-mount continuous-tone (80 dB at one-meter) electrical buzzers . feature LED indicators with either red or yellow lenses. The 150 Series buzzer is available in 24 VDC and 115 VAC models; the 450 Series buzzer with acknowledgement function requires 24 VDC and is silenced by simply pressing the front of the indicator. Prices for 22.5 mm panel-mount electrical buzzers start at $29.

LED and incandescent beacon lights have also been added and are available in red, green, yellow, clear and blue. Two-wire, high-intensity LED 29mm diameter beacons are available in panel-mount styles, or M20 threaded base versions for use with limit and cable-operated switches. Available in 24 VDC and 115 VAC styles, prices for 29mm beacons start at $55.50.

WERMA 57/58 mm diameter beacon lights are available in permanent incandescent, LED and Xenon flashing models. Designed for use in 22.5 mm standard control panel holes, the beacons provide 360-degree visibility. Incandescent models require a maximum 48V while LED and Xenon flashing models require either 24 VDC or 115 VAC power. Designed with 6.3 mm x 0.8 mm spade connectors, the beacons are finger safe when used with insulated spades. Prices start at $28.50.

Also added are 75mm diameter beacon lights in blinking, rotating or permanent LED models, as well as flashing Xenon and permanent incandescent models. LED and Xenon styles are available in 24 V AC/DC and 115 VAC models while incandescent models require up to 250V (depending on bulb selection). Beacons feature high-impact polycarbonate lenses available in red, green, yellow, clear or blue. Incandescent bulbs are sold separately. Prices for 75mm beacons start at $37.

To learn more about WERMA audible buzzers, click here. See the full line of WERMA optical beacon lights and accessories.

bryant cord grips

Bryant cord grips now available

Our line of Bryant wiring devices now includes wire and cable grips, strain reliefs, support grips, and pull grips.

Bryant cord strain relief grips are used to connect cable enclosures and industrial equipment and prevent cable pullout at the point of termination. When used in conjunction with bus drop support grips and safety springs, the devices are an integral part of an overall cord support and strain relief system.

Deluxe strain relief grips, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, are corrosion resistant and feature endless stainless steel wire mesh weave to provide easy installation and arc-of-bend control; grips are designed with aluminum fittings and oil-tight, water-tight and dust-tight neoprene bushings. Starting at $29, deluxe cord strain relief grips accommodate a cable diameter range of 0.187" to 1.687".

Dust-tight strain reliefs are designed for use in bus drop grip systems, motor connections, panel boards and internal wiring of machines. The dust-tight grippers are constructed of galvanized steel mesh, and are offered in models for use with cable diameters from 0.32" to 1.70". Designed for indoor use only, the dust-tight grips start at $9.

Standard duty support grips, for indoor and outdoor use, are applied to vertical or horizontal runs of cable or service lines to support dead weight. Designed with strand equalizers to reinforce gripping strength and distribute loads equally, standard duty grips accommodate 0.54" to 1.74" cable diameter ranges. Standard duty support grips start at $15.50.

Light duty bus drop support grips, for indoor use, support flexible cable where it connects electrical equipment to bus duct. The single variable weave grips are made of galvanized steel for additional holding power in abrasive environments and attach to 0.24" to 1.25" cable diameter ranges. Bus drop support cable grips start at $7.

Galvanized steel low-tension pulling grips are ideal for use in utility work, industrial and commercial building service lines, and underground transmission line stringing. The single weave variable mesh provides uniform positive grip power while protecting lines from abrasion. The reusable grips are fitted with a flexible eye which easily attaches to pulling line snake or fish tape. Starting at $15, low-tension pulling grips are available for 0.25" to 1.74" cable diameters.

Learn more about the Bryant wiring cord grips.

stainless steel proximity sensor

Stainless steel proximity sensor line extended

Available round bodied stainless steel inductive proximity sensors now include 3-wire NPN output versions in 8, 12, 18 and 30mm models; also new are unshielded 3-wire 12, 18 and 30mm models. All models have a full 316L stainless steel barrel and sensing face that provides extreme durability in harsh environments, with standard quick-disconnect cable connections. Starting at $45, all units are cULus, CE and RoHS rated and have a limited lifetime warranty. See the full proximity sensor line.

industrial gloves

Industrial gloves added to Safety Products line

Our lineup of wearable safety gear now includes safety gloves and sleeves. Styles available offer high levels of cut, puncture and impact resistance and are available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra large, depending on glove type.

Among styles offered, general purpose gloves feature nylon yarn construction with polyurethane coating for superb grip and excellent dexterity. Anti-static work gloves are ambidextrous and protect both your hands and product from electrostatic build-up while providing maximum dexterity.

Additional glove types available include cut-resistant styles made of steel core cut-resistant knit; certain styles feature reinforced thumb webbing stitching. Driver's glove-style electric arc-resistant gloves feature full grain goatskin leather and steel core cut-resistant lining.

Mechanic-style work gloves are form-fitting for excellent dexterity, and are fitted with cow grain leather palms and woven nylon backs. Excellent general-purpose gloves, they also feature adjustable Velcro wrist closure for proper fit.

Available puncture-resistant styles feature full palm and inside finger protection as well as impact-resistant knuckle padding.

Get more details regarding the full line of industrial gloves, starting at $6.75/pair.

Steel cut-resistant protective sleeves are available in single and dual-layer styles. The ambidextrous design features a tube knit with integrated knit wrist and thumbhole. Starting at $10 for a single 18-inch sleeve, more information is available here.

chippewa valley technica college

training news

Doug Bell teams up with Technical School

PLC training instructor Doug Bell has joined forces with Chippewa Valley Technical School by making his training video libraries part of the student curriculum. Upon registering for the courses at the school, students are given a key code which allows them access to CLICK PLC, C-more HMI, DirectLogic PLC, and Productivity3000 video libraries throughout the semester.

Instructors at Chippewa Valley Tech state that students are showing quicker mastery because of the videos.

Not attending college or technical school but you'd still like to receive PLC and automation control training? Check out Doug's Web site where you can register for a wide variety of self-paced online courses and purchase hands-on trainers. Find out more about the hands-on trainer and other products offered at www.InterConnectingAutomation.com.

Upcoming Web seminars

Our Web seminars keep on rolling. The 45-minute shows feature both product overviews and more detailed application-based examples. Each seminar includes a question and answer time where our hosts address questions from viewers. You can also view recorded episodes at your convenience.

Upcoming Web Seminars include:

Register today to attend the free online seminars. If you don't see a specific topic of interest, contact us with your idea. Our team will consider it for future seminars.

application innovations

Application Innovations

Solar system boosts oil field output

An independent energy company engaged in crude oil and natural gas production needed a system to produce steam for injection into an existing oil reservoir. The steam-based enhanced oil recovery process improves the extraction of heavy crude oil.

Read on, to learn how AutomationDirect products helped make the process both more efficient and less costly.


You can check out our complete list of application stories here.


The Lighter Side

A Day at the Spa

A college friend recently told me about an experience his wife had at the day spa where she works:

A couple came into the day spa for a massage. Shortly after the massage, my friend's wife saw them walking down the hall; the husband was following his wife with his hands on her shoulders. "Well, I guess they liked their massage," she thought to herself. As she walked into the employee breakroom, she started a conversation with the massage therapist who had just finished the couple's massage. My friend's wife, in her usual witty tone, chuckled as she said, "That awkward moment when you see some old couple playing choo-choo in the hallway." The massage therapist looked at her and said, "Umm... he's blind!"


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