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A Brief Overview of AutomationDirect

If you're new to us or the industrial controls industry, it makes sense that you want to know what kind of company you are dealing with. At AutomationDirect we make it a point to not deliver products and services as usual.

You can read about our servant-based culture built on the implementation of Customer Driven Leadership (CDL). In the "About AutomationDirect" section we list the top reasons why you would want to buy from us vs. other vendors. Read what our customers are saying, how an order proceeds through our system or ships the same day you place it - up to 6pm ET!

Product Overview Information

You can get a comprehensive overview of our entire product line. Complete with pricing, comparison charts (see how we stack up against our competition), photos and much more information. Great place to start if you are looking into or trying a new product.

Technical Specifications

Our online catalog and catalog on USB isn't full of just a bunch of marketing hoopla, we pack it with accurate specifications, cross-references, selection guides and of course pricing on everything we sell. When getting ready to purchase products these are the pages that help you make the right choice- you're buying technical products, we give you the information straight up to help you with your order.

Everything we sell, at the price we sell it for - pretty straightforward. We offer our products at the most practical prices in the industry which translates to the #1 Value in Automation for you. We won't make you call reps or distributors to get pricing or hunt down a best deal - it's all at your fingertips.

We are constantly launching new products almost weekly so for the most up-to-date product listing go to:

[Shop Green - Pricelist Online]

First to sell PLCs direct in 1994, and first with an industrial automation products online store in 1999.

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