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Industry overview
The business sector AutomationDirect Serves

If one needed to list our primary market in just a few words it could be described as the industrial sector.

However the industrial sector is broad in its scope as is the industry type which we serve. Any industry that has some type of manufacturing process is a potential customer. Industries such as Automotive, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Waste Water, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas are just a few examples where you will find a high degree of automated assembly or process taking place.

As a result these are all industries where you can find Automation Direct products being applied. As technologies evolve, new industries such as solar power and energy conservation are born, and these are quickly becoming a larger part of the market which we supply. It is this large number of industries which execute various types of manufacturing tasks that continues to bring new challenges and opportunities for our business.

A quick overview of what we sell

AutomationDirect is a direct seller of automation and industrial control products with our primary products falling into the categories of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), Operator Interface panels, Variable Frequency Drives and Motors.

We also carry numerous other products such as sensors, pushbuttons, motors, enclosures, wire, temperature and process controllers, and much more. Each year hundreds of new products are being added to our offering which makes us a fast growing and solid player in the high tech market of industrial automation.

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Who are our customers

Our current customer base reaches well into the tens of thousands of small to medium-size customers. It is this diversity of customers and industries which we serve that make it both challenging and extremely rewarding to conduct our business.

The bulk of our customers are OEMS, systems integrators and end users. OEMs are original equipment manufacturers that build new machines used to produce goods. The components that we provide are capable of controlling numerous aspects of the machines' operation. End users are manufacturing or other facilities which have machinery or processes that may require automated controls. Systems integrators are typically hired by end users to design and install control systems for a specific purpose.

The items we sell and support are also used as replacement parts on our customer's machinery or as a means to update and increase the productivity of their equipment.

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