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Having Fun while providing the lowest prices and best service in the industry
We offer our team members PLENTY of fun activities throughout the year in which they can bond with their fellow team members.

Here are just a few examples of things we do within the office environment:

Ping-Pong Tournament

Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles play until the “Final Fours” are reached. That day the finals are
played and a Bubba Gump Seafood Fest is enjoyed at lunch.

Basketball HORSE tournament

St. Patrick’s Day

A whole group of leprechauns visits each teamer and distribute candy and good luck tokens.


Easter - The Easter Bunny arrives and distributes candy.

Halloween Parade and Breakfast

A very big event at AutomationDirect, complete with a Halloween “parade” and breakfast, and a costume contest where prizes include paid time off. The bar is set higher every year, with more skits and live “performances”.

Fall Festival

Usually in conjunction with Halloween, the Fall Festival has become a yearly tradition, with food, games for prizes, Photo Booth (all free activities), and a Pie in the Face for a charity (donations accepted).


Along with extensive Christmas decorations and the Christmas Party, willing teamers participate in a Secret Santa week.

Cultural Events

These events highlight different cultures and traditions, almost always involving food! Examples are Chinese New Year, Japan Golden Week, Latin/South America, India and Caribbean day.

Company Picnic

A day just for fun, activities have included trout fishing, kids’ games, petting zoo, and a dunk tank for charity.

Attend Trans-Am race

During the years we helped sponsor a Trans-Am race car, the company organized attendance at selected races.

Team-building Events

Individual teams have the option of holding company-supported activities for the express purpose of relationship-building. Additionally, the volunteering opportunities that the company sponsors such as the Special Olympics and the Dog Building project serve as additional team building opportunities.

Teamers often take the initiative to form a club or organize an activity for themselves, including visits to Six Flags Amusement Park, Paintball, organizing a Softball Team, a Mountain Bike Club, and the latest, a Running Club.

Celebrating Success

The company celebrates its successes by sharing it with the team members. The company success is shared as we go – it is not something that we celebrate one time per year. On a company-wide basis, such activities include:

  • Profit Serving Presentation and Luncheon:
  • To celebrate our Proft-serving payout, a company meeting is held where each team presents its accomplishments for the previous year; a luncheon celebration follows.

  • Catering Ice Cream:
  • To celebrate a day or month when a new sales record is reached, the company hosts a Bruster’s cart where teamers can get made-to-order sundaes and cones.

  • Thanksgiving Lunch:
  • Team members enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

  • Christmas Party:
  • Annual event thanks teamers for their contributions to the company’s success by hosting a party with food, kids’ activities, prize drawings, and Christmas gifts.

  • Catered lunches for other notable occasions

  • Celebrating Special Milestones
    • Teamer employment milestones - 5-year, 10-year and 15-year Certificates and corresponding gifts.
    • Teamer graduation from higher education program - Accomplishment is acknowledged at a company meeting; any appropriate salary adjustments or position promotions are considered.
    • Catering Breakfast Biscuits – held once a month in honor of team members whose birthdays are that month
    • Baby and Wedding Showers – The team member’s team typically organizes a shower, and collects contributions for gifts.

    Remembrances of significant events and acknowledgements
    of the contributions of fellow Americans to our nation’s history:

    Memorial Day remembrance

    4th of July program, with historical re-enactments

    Veterans Day remembrance

    9/11 remembrance

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