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Character does matter
Changing automation vendors is a big decision

Many people consider changing to AutomationDirect for better products, better prices and better service. Of course, many customers also want to understand our character before they switch. Since we sell online, chances are you may never personally meet someone from our company nor visit our campus.

So, to help you understand our character, we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Our company culture is based on a concept known as Customer Driven Leadership® (CDL). CDL is a methodology for business improvement based on the servant leader concept that says in order to be a leader, everyone must serve others (customers and one another).

We first defined our business boundaries to keep our focus and have a rule base to make everyday decisions. The four boundaries of our business are : Our vision (where we are going), our promise (how we will accomplish our vision), our core values (how we will conduct ourselves), and our profit (the resources that strengthen the business).

We then created teams in an upside-down organizational chart designed to better serve customers. We believe this is more productive than the classic pyramid hierarchy structure that can breed bureaucracy. Report cards keep everyone focused on these boundaries. A Customer Report Card typically consists of items that are under the control of the team and are aimed at delighting both internal and external customers.

Each team member is also measured anonymously by fellow teamers to ensure we are continually serving each other, in providing ultimate service to the customer. Finally, we tied together financial rewards and consequences for achieving great results. Team members also give their Team Captain (supervisor) and Company Captain (the president) an anonymous report card, and likewise, their salary is tied to these scores. Believe it or not, team members can fire their team captain for consistently poor scores.

Some companies claim with words that their goal is to serve the customer. At AutomationDirect, we can prove that we are motivated to serve the customer with the system of checks and balances that CDL creates. The Company CEO is held accountable to provide a productive environment for associates to serve the customer, team captains and team leads are held accountable for helping their team achieve good scores by serving customers, and team members are held accountable for good customer feedback.

The results are quite impressive. AutomationDirect has created an environment of servant leadership in which ordinary people do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. This has delighted customers so much that we have quickly grown to be one of the top automation suppliers in the U.S. consistently winning industry awards for service year after year.

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