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Convenience Services
On-Site Jazzercise and Yoga Classes

An instructor comes to ADC twice a week to lead Jazzercise classes.
An instructor comes to ADC and teaches Yoga classes.

  • Team members and their spouses are invited to join in at no cost.

  • On-Site Workout Room

    AutomationDirect has a workout facility on-site featuring a:

    Elliptical machine
    Universal gym
    Free weights and more!

  • Team members and their spouses are invited to use the facility at no cost.

  • Prescription Delivery

    A local pharmacy delivers prescriptions directly to our reception area.

  • Team members pay their normal prescription co-pay and there is NO additional cost for delivery.

  • Dry Cleaning Service

    A local dry cleaner comes in twice a week to pick up personal dry cleaning of team
    members interested in participating.

  • Team members recieve a discounted dry cleaning rate.

  • Smiley Cafe

    An on-site food service.

  • Smiley Cafe offers on-site food service which provides teamers with a variety of food options including sandwiches
    and salads and a large variety of other snack items.
  • Teamers are billed bi-monthly for items they purchase via email. Items have no mark up and are sold at exact cost.
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