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Working Smart While Having Fun
Ordinary people doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways –
that is what AutomationDirect is all about

AutomationDirect enjoys a unique work atmosphere where keeping team members’ Wheel of Life balanced is put in the forefront. Originally founded as PLCDirect in 1994, the organization has quickly grown from a tiny PLC company to a well-recognized name in the industrial automation market.

After accomplishing the challenge of being the first industrial controls company to successfully use a direct sales catalog for PLC products, AutomationDirect launched the first online store to serve the industrial automation market in 1999.

In order to accomplish this we utilize a team approach. As such, our company does not use the traditional “employee” or “department” terminology; instead people that work at AutomationDirect are “team members” and belong to various “teams” – some with fun names like Focused Image in place of Marketing, Strike Force in place of IT, and A-Team for our Administrative team, just to name a few.

Self-winding teams
Permission to engage is granted

Our teams of talented and hard working team members have a laser focus on growing the business through the use of the principles of Customer Driven Leadership (CDL), developed by Dr. Ted Anders, Ph.D. These self-winding teams are given responsibility for their tasks and the authority to execute them, and are held accountable to constantly find ways to improve service, products, and prices. Team goals are tied directly to the objectives of the business. To plot their progress, each team has a monthly, publicly displayed report card that displays their goals and the accomplishments in pursuit of those goals.

Customer Surveys are sent to customers to measure accuracy, helpfulness, timeliness and manners. Every team member, team captain, and the company captain has a portion of their compensation directly tied to customers’ overall satisfaction.

In addition to external customer satisfaction, CDL also contains a piece related to internal customer satisfaction. Through our “Community Care Abouts” system, team members are rated on how well they treat each other. This is done on every level of the company to ensure we all stay in line with our existing core values and team members are rewarded for working well together. This system is designed to give teamers a window into how others see them.

Our company culture was designed around a concept called Servant Leadership. The golden rule is that “You Lead by Serving Others – Everyone Has an Opportunity to Lead”. We focus on building strong leaders by continuously building character through training programs such as our monthly Character First Newsletters, team member-led presentations on specific virtue topics, and continuous CDL training to discuss our company Core Values.

Keeping everything in balance
Value-driven behavior at work

In addition to inspiring teamers, our company has a strong focus on a commonly used concept called the “Wheel of Life”. In this analogy, the wheel has six spokes. The spokes represent the goals a person is trying to achieve in various areas of their life. The most common spokes are: Family, Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Spiritual. If these spokes are in balance, a person has a rounded “wheel” that can spin freely and handle the ups and down of the road of life.

However, common sense would suggest that if the spokes are out of balance, then their wheel cannot spin without difficulty. This will affect productivity at work as well as happiness at home. At our company, we feel that if we can provide a work environment that helps team members round out their Wheel of Life, everyone wins. The team member is happier and more fulfilled at home, and much more productive at work. We have many programs at our office to help people round out their wheel, such as Smiley Guy University, which offers personal and professional development classes; Wake Up and Learn, which offers special interest presentations, such as ID Theft protection, Personal Safety, coping with stress during the holidays and more!

To build and maintain motivated teams, the company offers benefits above and beyond the traditional company such as private offices, prescription delivery, smoking cessation incentives, dry cleaning pick up and delivery, stocked kitchens, and on-site conveniences such as a café, fitness centers, personal trainer, exercise classes, weight watchers, enrichment classes, and cultural events. This inspiration and encouragement has led team members to form various extracurricular clubs and activities such as our ADC Cycling Club and our most recent addition, the ADC Running Club.

We encourage our team members to give back to their community by giving them additional paid time off through our Volunteer Program. ADC has even coordinated two company-sponsored volunteer events "the Forsyth County Special Olympics and the Crossroads Foundation" and hopes to expand this program in the future.

Have some fun while working

In addition to these great programs, we also provide a fun working environment for our team members. Team members enjoy playing Ping Pong during breaks in working hours. In fact, we hold annual Ping Pong, Horseshoe and Basketball tournaments and a Pedometer contest for Heart Health month. Every year, we hold a Halloween Costume party, where prizes are given in various categories for our team members’ very creative costumes.

We also have a Christmas party at the end of every year, where team members can bring their families to participate in various activities, such as crafts for the kids, pictures with Santa, face-painting, singing Christmas carols, live band and huge dinner, just to name a few. In addition to tournaments and parties, we quite frequently celebrate our teamers' diverse backgrounds. And it goes without saying, give us a chance to celebrate with food and we're all for it. learn more

Recognition for a job well done

We have several great programs that show appreciation. First would be our Customer Driven Leadership (CDL) program – it rewards team members on a quarterly basis for not only how well they treat each other, but how well their team met its self-imposed goals and objectives. Secondly, we give awards to our team members for what we call “Love Letters”.

Love Letters are positive feedback we receive from internal or external customers that let us know when someone has given exceptional service. When they receive this “Love Letter”, they can redeem it for a $15 gift card of their choice.

We have 10 gift card options to choose from.

Working at AutomationDirect
It's a different experience

"We're trying to be a little different. We strive to treat our people like billion-dollar assets, because without them, the company would not be the success it has been," says Tim Hohmann, Company Captain.

In keeping with the vision to be "different", AutomationDirect proudly supports the nation's soldiers and veterans in many ways, including sending care packages to troops overseas and involvement with the American Legion. The company's offices are a well-know landmark in Cumming, GA because of the enormous 30x50 foot flag flying from a 100-ft. tall flagpole.

On occasions such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day, team members participate in presentations and even skits in honor of the day.

Associates who experience all the benefits AutomationDirect offers come to work wanting to make a difference. Tardiness and absenteeism are almost non-existent, along with poor attitudes. We have a very high retention of team members and have set world class productivity benchmarks in all areas of operations.

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