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So why are our prices so low?

AutomationDirect offers overs tens of thousands of high-quality industrial automation products, both name brand and private-label. We get good prices from our suppliers because of our volume purchases; in turn, this allows us to offer good prices to our customers. The manner in which our high-tech sales and service channels operate lets us eliminate the waste that occurs between the manufacturer's/supplier's price and the
sell price. With our direct sales approach, we do massive amounts of advertising to get potential
customers to request our free catalog or visit us online.

Our production cost for each catalog is typically $10, compared to a personal sales call that
might cost $350. Once customers review the catalog in print or online, they can make
purchases through our highly efficient phone-in sales department or through our online
store. Once the order is placed, we ship it out of our automated warehouse.

It's a simple system! Compare this to your average local distributor, typically with low
levels of stock, a bunch of salespeople, company cars and expense accounts, and you
start to get the picture. Our process makes it easy to pass the savings on to you.

We're adding products all the time...

As a supplier of components from many manufacturers, we can add new products quickly, choosing the best-in-class for features, price and quality. Our name-brand products come from companies such as Fuji Electric, Cutler-Hammer, and Hubbell/Wiegmann. These are multi-billion dollar companies that build world-class quality products often sold through other automation companies as well.

We also buy private-label products. The manufacturers of these products are often building products for other leading automation companies and large consumer companies. We
co-engineer many of these products with the manufacturer to ensure our customers are getting the features they ask for. And to assure availability, we maintain inventory at levels that consistently allow us to ship over 97% of our orders complete, the same day the order is received.

The product charts on this page are a few examples of how we compare in price to more traditional industry competitors. We have everyday low prices, not one-time sales or secret pricing for "important" customers..

Proximity Sensors
GS2 Drives
Motor Controls

You are all important to us!

Value prices, #1 rated service, fast delivery . . .
every day. period.

If it's in your cabinet, it's in our catalog,
and online at!
Convert a $13,000 bill of materials to $5,250!

The control cabinet at left depicts an actual control cabinet used at
AutomationDirect. Designed and built in-house, this reliable control system
helps manage the busy material handling system in our automated

The bill of materials (BOM) list price of a similar control system,
based on the DL205 PLC, when purchased through AutomationDirect, is
about $5,250. A comparable traditional automation supplier's list price is
just over $13,000. (Neither system price includes enclosure,
miscellaneous parts or shipping.)

All of the electrical components can be ordered by phone, fax or
online from, as late as 6 p.m. EST to
ship the same day.

See Terms and Conditions for details and limitiations.

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